MATLAB: Matlab doesn’t worek after windows update

MATLABmatlab doesnt open

Hi guys,
my Matlab cannot be opened after the current windows update. There were no warning and the computer did not crashed, when I double click the matlab.exe matlab icon showed up on the screen for a second or two and then disappeared. The app does not run in the background.
I have tried every method on the internet so far,(including reinstalled different versions of matlab) it simply won't be opened.

Best Answer

  • I solved the problem by Rollback to the previous windows version. it worked.
    1. Win+I
    2. Press "Update & security"
    3. Press "Recovery"
    4. select “roll back to an earlier version”
    Note: The following conditions will prevent you from using this feature:
    1. New account
    2. Deleted the Windows.old folder
    3. Have tried other restore / restore factory settings functions.