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Hey guys,
I'm trying to convert a long script I have into a standalone application.
When run in Matlab, the script prompts for 4 string inputs that dictate where data will be pulled from and saved to. Essentially, I've converted these 4 prompt/input combinations into a very simple GUI. I then use VariableX = get(hObject,'String') to assign the inputs of the GUI to the corresponding variable in the original script.
Then, there's a pushbutton that calls the original script when activated. However, it seems these variables (such as VariableX) are not passed into the script, as I get the 'Undefined function or variable' error.
How can I make sure those input variables are saved so that the script can execute? And will this have implications when I ultimately turn it into a standalone file?
Thanks in advance!

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  • Here you can find the solutions for same issue which has the details of using Global variables in MATLAB GUI.Also refer this for Share Data Among Callbacks