MATLAB: Matlab R2015a crashes when importing/using external libraries


I'm trying to call python libraries through Matlab but it leads me to segmentation faults
First of all, I use Matlab R2015a installed on Ubuntu 14.04 (64bits). My Python interpreter is Anaconda3 (thus based on python 3.4) and I have included pyopengl and another external library (referred as bpy). In addition, I have eclipse Luna with PyDev plugin installed on it so I can check the validity of my python scripts.
That being set, my problems are as follow :
  1. The command " import py.bpy.* " makes Matlab crash. The only terminal output I get is " Erreur de segmentation (core dumped) ".
  2. I have a test script calling openGL functionalities (cf. attachment). Basically, it opens a window and draw a ball in it. So far so good, but when I close the window, Matlab crashes again (but I don't get any log).
Of course, these 2 tests works fine under eclipse and the python interpreter is correctly recognized by Matlab (pyversion returns expected results).
Last but not least, I also tried the second test in a Windows 8 environment for the same results…
Help would be more than appreciated !

Best Answer

  • For problem 2, what windowing system is your OpenGL script using? Is it GLUT? I have a feeling that closing the window is terminating the application, which is MATLAB. See this stackoverflow question. Does your script use glutMainLoop?