MATLAB: Mpi affecting matlab execution speed


I am running matlab on a nice cluster that has 16 nodes, each with dual octocore Xeon E5-2670s.
I have noticed that some of my code runs a lot faster when the node is being used by a colleague who is running OpenMP processes. Does this make any sense?
The code in question spends most of its time in a mex function, which launches 2 or 3 threads each time it is called. When I run a piece of test code, the mex function is called 500 times.
This test code completes in about 0.3 seconds when OpenMP is being used, but if I run on another node that does not have any openMP processes, the same code takes 0.8 seconds.
Normally, code runs slower when the machine is running other stuff at the same time, but here it seems to run faster!
My conclusion is that the overhead of launching a pthread is somehow reduced, but I have no idea why this would be.
Anyone have some insight?

Best Answer

  • Could the problem be a power savings setting? Many machines are now configured to run at a lower clock rate when not heavily loaded.