MATLAB: Multi level cell multiplication


I have a cell of size 1×26. I want to multiply it with 100. How can i do it?

Best Answer

  • Sushma - what are the elements of your cell array? If all of them are numeric arrays, then you could use cellfun to multiply each element in the cell array by 100. For example,
    % create some random data
    myCellData = cell(1,4);
    myCellData{1} = randi(255,12,3);
    myCellData{2} = randi(255,3,12);
    myCellData{3} = randi(255,1,23);
    myCellData{4} = randi(255,32,1);
    % multiply each element by 100
    newCellData = cellfun(@(x)100*x, myCellData,'UniformOutput',false);
    Try the above and see what happens!