MATLAB: Multiple Plot lines on a single plot

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I would like to join x,y coordinates for 2 points together on a plot. But also plot all 361 lines.
I have all coordinates saved as 361 x 1
x coordinate left = xl
y coordinate left = yl
x coordinate right = xr
y coordinate right = yr
I can combine into 2 columns if required so which will determine a point on a plot a(1), a(2), b(1), b(2) etc to 361
a = [xl, yl]
b = [xr, yr]
But I basically need to plot a line between
a(1) and b(1)
a(2) and b(2)
and so on for 361 seperate lines on 1 plot.
Is this possible and is there a quicker way than using hold on 361 times?
Thanks for any advice

Best Answer

  • try this
    x = [xl.'; xr.']; % xl, xr, yl and yr should be column vectors
    y = [yl.'; yr.'];
    plot(x, y)