MATLAB: Multiple Selection in uitable

multiple selection of cellsuitable

Hi, I have a row of characters in a uitable and I need to select multiple elements of it, store the indices of all selections and then apply subsequent actions: how to do that?

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  • Hello,
    If you want to select multiple elements in UITable, hold down the shift button. Add Cell Selection callback to the table, selected indices, you'll have in variable event.indices. Since I haven't used it before, you need to verify, if you get indices with every click or when the shift button is released.
    % Callback function
    function UITableValuesCellSelection(app, event)
    indices = event.Indices; % indices is probably a numeric array (n,2) where n is number of selected cells
    app.results = CalcFunction(app, indices); % results is the property of the app, CalcFunction is a helper function
    function CalcFunction(app,indices)
    % Access the table data through indices you sent to function
    % code