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First of, you are gonna see me ask alot of questions in the time to come. I need to compare a whole year worth of data in order to determin if Vehichle 2 Grid is viable in the swedish market. now I have a matrice where I've compiled spotprices in min- avg-max between 2015-2019. The spot prices are hourly and my script will have to be the same sens I was thinking of using a callback funktion for everyhour I need. ofcourse i will have to make a schedule i.e. charge for x1 hours and drive for x2 hour, charge for x3hours and so forth. So I thought maby doing an hourly calendar and why i chose 2019 is becouse of leap year don't/can't take that in to account. but i was thinking of making a matrice by using the folowing line like below:
t1 = datetime(2019)+months(1:12)+days(1:end)+hours(0:23);
but it tells me that numeric input data must be a matrix with three or six columns, or else three, six or seven separate numeric arrays. it tells me to check 'ConvertForm' parameter but don't know what that is i thought maby just use the:
t2 = reshape (t1,8761,1);
to make it in to a list with a single column and input it with the spot prices but didn't work…
new to matlab i have like 2 books and they arn't much help with this project really…
thankful for any help.

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