MATLAB: Need help with Plots


Hi everyone,
I am trying to plot a map. I was given a file with coastlines which I mapped using "load" and "plot". Now I am trying to add a set of values to the map using "pcolor" the issue is that when I try to plot it it looks like this:
The plot on the left is my failed map, the black box being the plot on the right. I am trying to plot that values on the right onto the map but it doesn't look right =S.
Any suggestions on how I would go about this?

Best Answer

  • Or is the problem that the colors should cover the whole map (instead of a small box in the middle)? In which case the problem is that the x & y values are indices (1 to 38 or so) instead of actual x/y values. In that case, you need to define some x & y coordinates to map the 38 pixels to 360/180 degrees, and then do pcolor(x,y,z)