MATLAB: Need to generate a signal as attached.

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Hi all,
I will get my input samples as shown in attached figure.
So to check with that, i need to generate the samples as shown in attached figure.
It has samples with unequal spacing and unequal amplitudes.
I need to generate a signal like the attached figure.
Could anyone plz help me out in generating the signal as shown in attached figure.

Best Answer

  • It looks like a mass spec or something similar. To create a realistic version, you’d have to know the process that created it, and have some sort of model.
    If you just want a random simulation, this will work:
    x = 0:399;
    xp = sort(randi(400, 1, 19));
    y = zeros(1,400);
    y(xp) = rand(1, 19)*3;
    plot(x, y, '-r')
    text(xp,y(xp), cellstr(strsplit(num2str(1:19,'%d '),' '))) % Add Numbers To The Peaks
    NOTE: Any resemblance to an actual mass spec (or whatever your plot is) is entirely coincidental!