MATLAB: Need to make a line on existing graph


Hello, my code that I used to create this graph is above. I need to create a line that has a slope of 606 and is off-set by 0.002 in the +x-direction. Essentially, the point where this line intersects with my graph using the above information is what I'm looking for. The line can stop at 25 in the y-direction. I'm not sure if I am asking this correctly or not. I'm happy to try and clarify to the best of my abilities. I appreciate your help.

Best Answer

  • Creating the line is simple. You should be familiar with the equation y=m*x + b by now. More challenging is going to be finding the intercept since the chance your two lines share a point in common is almost none. You'll need to implement some sort of algorithm to find the closest point. The simplest might be to subtract the y values of the two lines and identify the minimum.