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Hi – just started using Matlab.
I've got this array of values: – Nvalues =
1.3138 5.0076 3.2438 3.2438 0.7919 4.4857 2.7220 6.4158
and I need to make another array from those values using this formula: –
but when I put in that formula it just gives me one value – 34.9308. What I want is a new array of values – the first based on the above equation, where the two Nvalues in the equation are both the first one in the list, the 2nd based on the above equation, where the two Nvalues are both the 2nd one in the list, and so on.
How do I do this?

Best Answer

  • 5+20*log((sqrt(2*pi*Nvalues))./tanh(sqrt(2*pi*Nvalues)))
    Notice './' instead of '/'.
    help rdivide
    ./ Right array divide. A./B denotes element-by-element division. A and B must have the same dimensions unless one is a scalar. A scalar can be divided with anything.