MATLAB: Non Compatible Indices, Combining array sections

array sectionsindexing error

Hi All,
I am trying to pull certain elements from a large 1×30000 double (Say P) to create a smaller 1×3600 double (Say H). I am currently getting an error "Unable to perform assignment because the indices on the left side are not compatiblewith the size of the right side." I am guessing that is because what I have written is not adding the different k values together and is getting stuck at k=1. Any help would be much appreciated.
for k = 1:n
H(k) = (P((S+((k-1)*48*Res)):(S+(12*Res)+((k-1)*(48*Res)))));

Best Answer

  • You can't put multiple numbers into one element of a numeric array.
    x = 1:10;
    x(5) = ... % assigning to one element of x
    [99 4]; % and trying to store two elements into it won't fit
    You could use a cell array, or you could assign to a segment of the array large enough to fit the data you're trying to store in it.
    C = cell(1, 10);
    C{5} = ... % Note I'm using curly braces to assign to the contents of the fifth cell
    [99 4]; % rather than assigning to the fifth cell itself.
    % or
    y = zeros(2);
    y(1, :) = ... % Referring to all two columns in the first row of y
    [99, 4]; % This has one row and two columns, the same size as the target of the assignment