MATLAB: Not sure why x-axis of the plot is doing this…

x-axis numbering

Hello, I have several data files containing data of force and deflection. I'm simply plotting these two, and i get plot like below.
ok… nothing much there. all good.
but when i try some of the other data file, the plot comes out like below:
See the x-axis? it gives the value to 10^-3 rather than as a decimal number. How can this be fixed? I only want full numbers like 0.0035…

Best Answer

  • I don't know about R2014b and later, but in earlier versions this behaviour is completely automatic and there is no option to display it. However, you can use
    xt := get(gca,'XTick');
    set(gca, 'XTickLabel', cellstr(num2str(xt(:),'%0.4f')) )