MATLAB: Optimoptions set both Display AND Parallel properties


I'm using quadprog and I want 2 things:
  1. Use the parallel toolbox
  2. Suppress all text outputs, since I'm using quadprog in a loop, and I don't want it to diplay stuff.
I can solve problem 1 using optimoptions and problem 2 using optimset. But apparently there is no way of solving 1 and 2 simultaneusly, as quadprog accepts either an optimset object or an optimoptions object, not both.
Any ideas?

Best Answer

  • You can't solve problem 1 using either optimset or optimoptions.
    The Optimization Toolbox options reference page shows that UseParallel is not used by quadprog. optimset will return a struct array with that field present, and you can change that field if you like, but quadprog doesn't do anything with that field if you pass that options structure into it. As one check of this, the word "parallel" does not appear at all on the quadprog documentation page.