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Dear all,
I wrote a big matlab programme with many options and variables, divided over many m-files. I would like to have a single window in which all the options and parameter values can be edited. I would like there to be standard values that you can adjust by removing the displayed number and replacing the number by your own number of choice. Also, I would like to have options that you can select using a mouseclick. It is probably nice to have a user interface for this.
Do you have any pointers how to organize this well?
Thank you in advance!

Best Answer

  • There are three approaches that you can adopt to develop a UI in MATLAB:
    • Write the code from scratch
    • Use GUIDE, the MATLAB Graphical User Interface Design Environment
    • Use App Designer, an environment for building MATLAB apps (introduced in R2016a)
    A good place to get yourself started is the through the following link:
    The above link briefly introduces the three approaches and provides some additional resources including videos, examples, and articles. You may find more information in the documentation accordingly after you decide on which approach to use.