MATLAB: Pan a Plotted Curve with a Stationary Plot Behind


X = rand(100,1);
Y = rand(100,1);
hold on;
I want to be able to pan the sine curve ONLY. The sine curve can move around the plot but the first plot remain STATIONARY behind.
I wanna do this because I need to just merely compare the shape of the sine curve to the plot behind.
I remember I used to do this before using plotyy or something but I forgot how I achieved that. Anyone has any idea?
Many thanks! =D

Best Answer

  • I cannot get it to easily work with plotyy, but I think with some work you could. That said, I am not sure there is a real advantage.
    X = rand(100,1);
    Y = rand(100,1);
    minX = min(X);
    maxX = max(X);
    minY = max([min(Y), min(sin(Y))]);
    maxY = max([max(Y), max(sin(Y))]);
    hax(1) = axes;
    plot(X, Y, 'b');
    axis([minX, maxX, minY, maxY]);
    hax(2) = axes;
    plot(X, sin(Y), 'r');
    axis([minX, maxX, minY, maxY]);
    h = pan;
    setAllowAxesPan(h, hax(1), false);
    set(hax(2), 'Visible', 'Off');