MATLAB: (PhD Researcher Will Jones) I have an idea for a potentially useful tool/application for linguistic analysis, but could it feasibly be acheived using MATLAB GUI


Hi Everyone, I am looking for some feedback on an idea I have had, specifically, is it feasible? A GUI that loads a text file, loads a list of user defined linguistic variables (verbs, nouns etc.), allows the user to attribute one of these linguistic variables to specific aspects of the text, counts the amount of variable allocations, and outputs the data to an excel file.
I'll flesh this out with an example. Imagine I upload a text file that says: 'I am typing', then I select a list of linguistic variables I am interested in (e.g. pronouns and verbs) and upload them to the GUI. Now I want to annotate the text, so I highlight 'I' and classify this as a pronoun, then I highlight 'typing' and classify this as a verb. I want the frequency of variable selections to be recorded and output to excel, so that excel would present something like: pronouns = 1, and verbs = 1.
I would be willing to collaborate on this idea, could be lucrative in certain research fields.

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  • What exactly is your question?
    could it feasibly be acheived using MATLAB GUI?
    Yes, this is possible.