MATLAB: Plot 3 lines using plotyy

double yaxisplotyy

Using plotyy. I want to plot 2 lines on the left y axis and 1 line on the right y axis. I tried something like this but it didn't work. Y and Y2 should be on the left y axis
x =SZA15_Sort(:,1);
y =SZA15_Sort(:,9);
y2 =SZA15_Sort(:,11);
[ax h1 h2]=plotyy(x,y,x,y1);

Best Answer

  • [hAx hL1 hL2]=plotyy(x,[y(:) y2(:)],x,y1);
    NB: The colon on the y is to ensure are column vectors for the concatenation...if they already are, is unneeded. Or, concatenate by row w/ the semicolon instead.
    ADDENDUM Presuming you have R2016a or newer use <yyaxis> instead; yyplot has been deprecated.