MATLAB: Plotting points in 3D with mesh

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I have three vectors (X,Y,Z) of equal size. I want to plot them in 3D and interpolate the points. I use following code to plot the points but the figure that i get is not good enough. The plot that i get is also attached. Can someone explain kindly, what i am doing wrong. if more information is needed then kindly let me know.
Note that one vector represents x-coordinate while second represents y-coordinate and third one z-coordinate. If there is any better to visualize this scatter plot(interpolated) that will be also great.
plot3(first_test_vector,second_test_vector,test_label,'.'),hold on
title('1000 points selected for training data & interpolation of test data')
xlabel('x'), ylabel('y'), zlabel('Values')
legend('Sample data','Interpolated test data','Location','Best')
x = meshgrid(first_test_vector);
y = meshgrid(second_test_vector);
z = meshgrid(test_label);
title('Interpolated test data')
legend('Sample Points','Interpolated test data','Location','NorthWest')

Best Answer

  • For just visualizing the chosen data in a surface, does this look like what you want?
    close all;
    N = 500;
    X = rand([N,1])*2*pi;
    Y = rand([N,1])*2*pi;
    Z = sin(X).*cos(Y);
    T = delaunay(X,Y)
    hold on
    For actual interpolating, look into "scatteredInterpolant"