MATLAB: Possible to solve for V in MATLAB r2011a

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A=.25*pi*(.022^2-x^2), and
I'm trying to derive a symbolic expression for V. Is it possible to change this eq. into a form with no derivatives or integrals? Or could I just shove this into some "solve" function? I have r2011a so the solve functions are less powerful.

Best Answer

  • If you do mean
    (V(x)^(7/5)*A(x)^(2/5)*C1-1/V(x))*(diff(V(x), x)) = (diff(A(x), x)) / A(x)
    A(x) = (1/4)*Pi*((22/1000)^2-x^2)
    then No. If there is a closed form solution for that it is difficult to solve.