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Hi all,
I am curently working with frequency response functions on the basis of 1 input data sample and 1 output data sample. As I would like to plot the coherence function, I need to compute the cross-spectral densities. Since I am new to this field, I would like to ask some of you experts whether it is correct to compute a power cross-spectral density (pcsd) as
pcsd_xy = psd_xx.*conj(psd_yy)
where psd = power spectral density. Is this correct? I know that MATLAB has commands which can solve this for me, but I would really like to programme it myself.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards, Martin Ulriksen.

Best Answer

  • That is not correct. The cross spectrum (the Fourier transform of the cross correlation) is not real-valued. The cross spectrum is (ignoring the scaling factors) the DFT of X times the complex conjugate of the DFT of Y.
    The way you have it written there is no need to do conj(psd_yy) because the PSD of y is real-valued.
    The cross-correlation of X and Y is not an even function of the lag, k, unlike the autocorrelation of X OR the autocorrelation of Y. That is why the Fourier transform of the cross-correlation (the cross spectrum) is complex-valued.