MATLAB: Prevent MATLAB from displaying full stack on error.

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EDIT: see answer by Daniel, throwascaller () is what I needed.
Dear all,
Is there a way, when generating an error(), to limit MATLAB output to 'msgIdent' and 'msgString' without the stack information? The reason for this question is that I created a class, overloaded subsref/asgn, and each one of these methods calls yet another method that checks/updates subs. From my prospective, a user who uses invalid subs should only get the error Ident/String that I define, without it to be followed by the whole stack.
I could obviously print the information on stderr and manage the termination by myself, but then usual exceptions management mechanisms could not be used by external code..
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Best Answer

  • Within SUBSREF/ASGN, you could put the call to the checks/updates inside a TRY...CATCH. Use the ME object returned by the CATCH to determine the error you want to display.
    There's no way to get rid of the stack information preceding the call to subsref/subsasgn, I don't think. Only the info after it. I can't imagine why you'd want to get rid of the preceding stack info, though. The user will need that info to trace his/her error.