MATLAB: Printing Simulink models to hi resolution EPS


I would like to print my Simulink models to high quality EPS files. I'm using 2012b with mac Osx lion.
If i set Matlab to work in the directory where my singlezone.slx file is storred and issue the following command in the workspace:
>>print -Singlezone -deps -r300 simmodel.eps
Matlab come's back with the following error:
Error using inputcheck>LocalCheckOption (line 309) Illegal option '-Singlezone' given.
Error in inputcheck (line 76) opIndex = LocalCheckOption( cur_arg, options );
Error in print (line 163) [pj, devices, options ] = inputcheck( pj, inputargs{:} );

Best Answer

  • Looks like you're close, but you want to add an 's' before Singlezone and make sure the system is loaded (load_system, open_system or however you open the model). It would look like this:
    print -sSinglezone -deps -r300 simmodel.eps