MATLAB: Problem with code

eval structure field

I am trying a script that does not work. First I define a structure in matlab:
>> package=struct('item_no',123,'cost',19.99,'price',39.95,'code','g')
package =
item_no: 123
cost: 19.9900
price: 39.9500
code: 'g'
then I have made a script who will try to find out the value of a field in the structure:
inputfield=input('Which field would you like to see: ','s')
if isfield(package, inputfield)
fprintf('The value of the %s field is: %c\n',inputfield,...
fprintf('Error: %s is not valid field\n', inputfield)
but i get error message:
>> structurevalue ??? Error: File: structurevalue.m Line: 6 Column: 22 Unexpected MATLAB expression.

Best Answer

  • the problem is in the eval,try to put a blank after 'package.' :
    eval(['package.' inputfield])