MATLAB: Problem with GPU and Matlab version

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The cluster we have has 4 Tesla V100 GPUS, but the Matlab version available on it is 2014b. From the link below, I can tell that they are not compatible.
Is there a way to resolve the compatibility issue between the available GPU and Matlab version? My goal is to use the GPU to solve a linear system of equations using the PCG Matlab function.

Best Answer

  • That table is telling you that the Volta GPUs can be used with your system, but that the first time you run something there may be a delay while the driver recompiles the libraries.
    You might not get as good of a performance as you would with a later release.
    You would install the latest driver -- well, the latest driver that supports your architecture, which in your case is all current releases.
    If those cards had been the original Tesla architecture then R2014a would have been the limit, but they are not Tesla architecture, they are Tesla branded Volta architecture.