MATLAB: Problems generating code when func params are mixture of matrix and scalar.


I'm trying to generate C code for a function but one of the parameters is an MxN matrix, so I'm not sure how to call the function in the single line the wizard gives me to call it. I tried myfunc([ [1 2] [2 3] ], 1.0 ,1.0, 1.0). It didn't like that, so I tried myfunc([ [1 2] ; [2 3] ], 1.0 ,1.0, 1.0) and then it started complaining one of the other parameters shold be a scalar. Are those not all scalars?

Best Answer

  • You do not necessarily write everything in one line. Just write a script (as long as you want) that calls that function and make sure it runs without any error. Then type the name of that script on this line in Code generator GUI. It will automatically infer the size and type of the variables.