MATLAB: Problm on imwrite fuction…


here i cant get what iam write on the pixel value.. what to do?

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  • Please post snippets of code (using the {} Code formatting button) instead of images.
    ffwinread is not a matlab function so there may very well be a problem with it.
    Another possibility is that your orignal rebuilt is of type double. You can check that easily with
    whos rebuilt
    Images of type double are assumed by matlab to be in the range 0-1. When it comes to writing a double image to bmp, matlab maps 0 and below to uint8 0 and 1 and above to uint8 255. This could explain what you're seeing. In that case,
    imwrite(uint8(rebuilt), 'as.bmp');
    should fix it. Even better would be to declare rebuilt as uint8 in the first place.