MATLAB: Produce a matrix from pointwise outer product from vectors of different length


I have 3 by 1 vectors
u, v1, v2, v3.
I also have a 1 by 9 vector
v = [v1' v2' v3']
concatenating the conjugate of vi.
How can I produce a 3 by 9 matrix w such that
w = [u*v1' u*v2' u*v3'];
u*v1', u*v2', and u*v3'
are all 3 by 3.

Best Answer

  • u * v
    would be the same as
    u * [v1', v2', v3']
    which would be the same as
    [u * v1', u*v2', u*v3']
    so just go ahead and use u * v