MATLAB: Property editor grid lines


Can you make the grid line in a plot thicker in the property editor? I want to make mine more visible but cannot figure how.

Best Answer

  • No, this does not work from the property editor.
    But you can draw lines manually also:
    % Create a test diagram:
    AxesH = axes;
    x = linspace(0, 2*pi, 100); % Test data
    plot(x, sin(x));
    % The modifications start here:
    GridStyle.Color = [0.2, 0.4, 0.1];
    GridStyle.LineStyle = '-';
    GridStyle.LineWidth = 2.5;
    GridStyle.HitTest = 'off';
    Child = get(AxesH, 'Children');
    XTick = get(AxesH, 'XTick');
    YTick = get(AxesH, 'YTick');
    XLimit = get(AxesH, 'XLim');
    YLimit = get(AxesH, 'YLim');
    newGrid = cat(1, ...
    line([XTick; XTick], YLimit, 'Parent', AxesH, GridStyle), ...
    line(XLimit, [YTick; YTick], 'Parent', AxesH, GridStyle));
    % New grid on top or bottom of other objects:
    set(AxesH, 'Child', [newGrid; Child(:)]);
    % Or: set(AxesH, 'Child', [Child(:); newGrid]);
    % Disable original dashed grid:
    set(AxesH, ...
    'XGrid', 'off', ...
    'YGrid', 'off', ...
    'YTickMode', 'manual', ...
    'TickLength', zeros(1, 2));