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I am writing a script and at some point i need to repeat the execution of a part of script. So i want to add a pus button in the process and the goal is when the user click the push button, that particular code should execute and do some calculations.
So wanna do something like following:
pb1 = uicontrol(figure1,'Style','pushbutton','String','Update',...
'Position',[40, 80, 120, 40]);
% Everytime user press "Update"
so on and so forth
I am not using any function in the script so when i try to use callback function for push button, i get some error messages.
Thanks for your help in advance.

Best Answer

  • Matt's answers are the preferred ways, but he happened to overlook a possibility to do what you showed:
    set(pb1, 'Callback', ...
    ['plot(subsref(load(''SomeMatFile'',''variable1''), ', ...
    'struct(''type'', ''.'', ''subs'', ''variable1''))' ] );
    That is, the Callback can be set to a string that will be executed in the "base workspace". The command indicated by the string loads variable1 from the file, and returns a structure array that has variable1 as a field name; the field is then extracted by the subsref call, and the data that results is then plotted by plot().
    You might even be able to use a string that has multiple commands separated with ';', but I have not experimented with that myself. I avoid using this kind of callback construction, doing so only when the alternatives are worse.