MATLAB: Put a matrix as a variable in another matrix so i can access different matrixes

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I want to acces 4 differenet matrixes 1 at the time, this is probably not at all how it works but I tried this.
tn = [th ho tm mi] %time now
for n = 1:4;
c = tn(n)
% here comes to code to change the clock
this with th, ho, tm and mi being tens hours, hours, tens minutes and minutes (I'm programming a robot arm that puts pins in certain holes which creates teh immage of a digital clock). example:
ho=[ 1 1 1;
1 0 0;
1 1 1;
0 0 1;
1 1 1];
the hour now is 5.
but to get to the point. I first want to let the robot run a script for the minutes, then the same script for the ten minutes, then for the hours and then for the ten hours.

Best Answer

  • Hello Joris,
    As a quick-fix, you could make tn a cell array, containing the other matrices?
    tn = {th ho tm mi};
    for n = 1:4;
    c = tn{n};