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import data into matlab

Hi, I have a text file with space separated numbers that I need to import into Matlab to do some processing on. Can not use the "load" command to import the whole file because it's way too big (5Gb). Text file looks like this:
1.2 4.2 5.2 5.33 6.45 7.64 3.45 7.34 ……..
2.34 5.23 .235 .2343 2.34 3.4 3.42……..
and so on with
What I'd like to do is be able to read in and Store first 10 values of each row into a column vector. Then the next 10 values of each row and o on…
to have something like:
X=[row1 (1 thru 10); row2 (1 thru 10);…]
or more generally,
y=[row1 (start position thru end position;…..]
Any help appreciated,
Thank you!

Best Answer

  • I'm not so sure this will make you any happier, but...
    To read in columns P through Q (inclusive) of file XYZ.TXT, ignoring H lines of headers:
    fid = fopen('XYZ.TXT','rt');
    Then for each combination of columns:
    fseek(fid, 0, -1); %rewind
    result = textscan( [repmat('%*f',1,P-1) repmat('%f',1,Q-P+1) '%*[^\n]'], 'HeaderLines', H, 'CollectOutput', 1);
    cols.(sprintf('C%d_%d',P,Q)) = result{1};
    clear result
    When you are done reading as much as you can hold or as you want to deal with:
    Feel free to use something other than a structure to hold the values.. keeping in mind that you have not specified that you will be using the same number of values each time so a plain numeric array might not work.
    There is a more elegant way to skip leading columns, which I know about 3 days ago, but I'm having a heck of a time digging it up at the moment.