MATLAB: Reading multiple images from a folder

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I have about 88 image of 10 patients, number of images for each patient is not equal. I want to read images for each patient from 2 different folders and do some operations then save the results in third folder. How to do this process in a loop? and how to save the results with respect to images' names (Ex: image1: Adel_No_Post1.bmp, image2: Adel_No_Frangi1 …
how to save the result, result_image: Adel_No_Filtered1)
%folder path E:\Aneurysms_CBIR\Aneu_Post_Contrast
% folder path E:\Aneurysms_CBIR\Aneu_Frangi_Images
% do some operations
h = fspecial('gaussian', [3 3], 0.5);
imf=imfilter(Frangi_Im, h);
%save result with name " Adel_No_Filtered1" to a new folder, path:E:\Aneurysms_CBIR\Aneu_Filtered
imwrite(imsub, ['E:\Aneurysms_CBIR\Aneu_Filtered\ Adel_No_Filtered1' '.bmp'], 'bmp');

Best Answer

  • One thing you did not define for us is how to match file names to individual patients. Or does it not matter, that each number before the .bmp in on directory corresponds to one file in the second directory that has the same number and you just need to pair them?