MATLAB: Do I receive a message that MATLAB will expire in XX days


When I start MATLAB, I receive the following warning message:
Your MATLAB license will expire in xx days.
Please contact your system administrator or
MathWorks to renew this license.

Best Answer

  • If you are using a Campus-Wide License, follow the instructions in the URL below:
    How can I update or reactivate my Campus-Wide License?
    For all other licenses, before following the steps below, please make sure that your license is not expiring. You can check the Service End date in the License Center. Please refer the below instructions for the same: # Log into your MathWorks Account # Select the License. # Click on the Manage Products tab. # Check the Service End Date. # If your Service End date indicates that your license is not about to expire, then please follow the instructions below. However, if the Service End date indicates that your License is expiring then please get in touch with your License Administrators to check for renewal of the license.
    You might receive this warning when the MATLAB license file on your computer has an expiration date set by your Administrator and needs to be updated. If you are the End User of the license, please follow the below instructions:
    To update the license file:
    - Open MATLAB.
    - Select the drop-down menu under the "Help" button on the toolbar.
    - Select "Licensing".
    - Select "Activate Software".
    - Follow the prompts in the activation client that will now launch.
    The license file will automatically be placed into the proper location through this process.
    After activating the license, you may need to restart MATLAB in order to implement the change. After restarting MATLAB, if the license file is still not updated, then please contact your License Administrator as they might need to update the expiration date.
    If you are the Administrator of the license and you need to change the expiration date of the license, then please follow the instructions in the URL below:
    How can I set an expiration date for my license file?
    If you still receive this warning after performing the steps above, there may be multiple license files on your computer.
    To resolve the issue, remove any additional license files that are about to expire.
    For help finding your license files, please see the following article:
    Where are the license files for MATLAB located?