MATLAB: Do I receive a “parameter out of range” error when I run the model that contains a filter block realized by FDATool

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Why do I receive a "parameter out of range" error when I run my model that contains a Filter block realized by the Filter Design Tool in Filter Design Toolbox 2.2 (R13.0.1)?
1. I designed a low pass filter using FDATool
2. I enabled quantization for the filter
3. I optimized the filter to prevent overlow
4. I realized the filter in a Simulink model
When I run the model, I get an error message similar to the following, saying it saturated at the second stage of the filter:
Parameter is outside the range of the fixed point data type; it has been saturated to its maximum limit in 'xilinx_1st/SMPTE_1.3Mq/s(2)'

Best Answer

  • This is a bug in Filter Design Toolbox 2.2 (R13.0.1) in the way that Parameter Scaling Mode is handled in the Gain block for the realized filter. Our development staff is investigating this issue.
    Currently, to work around this issue, edit the parameters of the Gain block that is causing the error by changing the Parameter Scaling Mode from "Use specified scaling" to "Best Precision: Element-wise".