MATLAB: Reference to non-existent field ‘BoundingBox’. Error in findVehicle (line 10) bboxes = regions.BoundingBox; can anyone explain

MATLABreference to non-existent field 'boundingbox'

function [bboxes,flow]= findVehicle(frameGray, opticFlow)
% Calculate optical flow
flow = estimateFlow(opticFlow,frameGray);
% Threshold Image
threshImage = ( flow.Magnitude > 4);
%Find Connected components and filter regions
[BW_out,regions] = filterRegions(threshImage);
if(size(regions) > 0)
bboxes = regions.BoundingBox;
bboxes = [];

Best Answer

  • Please show the output of
    which -all filterRegions
    filterRegions does not appear to be part of any toolbox. It appears to be only part of one particular MATLAB demo