MATLAB: Reformat a matrix based on common column

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Below is my 140*142 matrix. All odd columns (1,3,5…) are fixed code numbers for different systems. All even columns (2,4,6..) are time (durations) for each system. So for every value of an odd column (for example 1) there are 70 values. I want to remove all odd columns and just keep one column for fixed codes. and 70 columns for durations. My new matrix should be 140*72 shape. Any easy way to handle this problem in MATLAB?
New matrix
Fixed codes | dur 1 | dur 2|…. |dur 71
-15536 a b .. c
1001 x y .. z

Best Answer

  • Hi Devansh,
    You can use basic MATLAB indexing to solve your problem, say your original matrix is given by A, then use
    % generate column indices, to select first column and the columns 2,4,6..142
    idx = [1 2:2:142]
    % assign new matrix that has all of the rows in A ":", and just the columns "idx" that you want
    B = A(:,idx)