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Dear Rupesh Wandhare,
I would like to ask few questions regarding your PV model. Hope you can help me out. I tried to use some other module, I could not get the graph as expected. I am planing to use your module with the bell curve I am trying to generate with the data I have and use a changing insolation instead of 1000. That is my contribution in the model I am creating.
My Doubts:
1) Why the PN junction characteristic and Saturation1 have a sample period of one ms?
2) Why Saturation2 has an upper limit of 0.54*36*Ns? I could guess 36 is the no of cells in a panel and Voltage is 0.54. Is that right? Why are we limiting the saturation upper limit to the given value?
3) Why Rsh1 = 1/(12*36*Ns).
4) Why Saturation1 has an upper limit of 1/(12*36*Ns) and what does the 12 indicate?
5) What are the parameters and initialization you made when you edit mask in your design.
I hope you can help me out.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • Rupesh does not appear to have ever visited MATLAB Answers. Rupesh is not likely to see your question here. I believe the File Exchange offers mechanisms to send questions to authors.