MATLAB: Representing and empty cell


I have a problem in setting this right.
I have this struct,
wordstruct =
a: {'amal' 'asyik' 'ampun'}
b: {'bola' 'busuk' 'basi'}
c: {'cacing' 'campur' 'cucuk'}
z: {''..........''}
i want to compare an input of a string with a word in one of the fields in the struct so i tried this,I want to display that if the word does not exist, it'll say the word is invalid.
I know that if I have this line of code and the word does exist, it'll show me something like this,
ans =
[1] [] []
and if word='bell' %does not exist in struct
ans =
[] [] []
however im having difficulty to represent the empty cell in my if statement where i have it like this:
if (strfind(wordstruct.(word(1)),word)= %%%%IDK this part
fprintf('this word is invalid');
fprintf('%s is in the wordbank',word);

Best Answer

  • Does this help?
    wordstruct.a = {'amal' 'asyik' 'ampun'};
    wordstruct.b = {'bola' 'busuk' 'basi'};
    wordstruct.c = {'cacing' 'campur' 'cucuk'};
    word = 'bola';
    if any( strcmp( word, wordstruct.('b') ) )
    disp( 'found the word' )
    disp( 'failed' )