MATLAB: S-function


Good afternoon! Halp please, I try to connect s-function, but there is a following error… I do not know as with it to struggle. I will be grateful for any help 🙂
Error in ' modl/S-Function ' while executing MATLAB S-function ' my ', flag = 3 (output), at time 0.0.
Invalid MEX-file ' C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2010b\work\tiphak.dll ':.
I have Windows 7 32-bit, Matlab r2010b

Best Answer

  • the source code
    I used a template simfeatures/src/csfunc.c
    I used an example. Made mex. And then, has created dll in deploytool.
    Excuse, I do for the first time s-function. Probably, I do something incorrectly :)