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if I have the following Matrices:
MATRIX A: Column 1 = Temperatures; Column 2 = Coefficients;
MATRIX B: Temperatures
I need to Program Matrix_C to do the following:
For j=1:max(size(Matrix_B))
Matrix_C(j) =
For each temperatures in Matrix_B(j) it will retrieve the correct Coefficient from Matrix A
I hope I made sense

Best Answer

  • I assume the temperatures in B exactly match those in A? In other words, you are not interpolating. First the FOR loop you request:
    % Sample data.
    A = [(1:20).',sort(round(rand(20,1)*1000)/100)]
    B = [5;6;12]
    % Fill C.
    C = zeros(size(B));
    for ii = 1:length(B)
    C(ii) = A(A==B(ii),2);
    But now look at an easier way:
    C = interp1(A(:,1),A(:,2),B)