MATLAB: Selection data from Discrete Root Mean Square simulink

discrete root mean squaredrmssimulink

I have calculated the Discrete Root Mean Square of a signal in a sampling interval equal to the stopping time of the simulation. I used this block.
I applyed the to workspace block, selecting array as save format, to see how the results are (attached). I need to select only the number different from zero, I tried to use the block Selector but I didn't reach the desired output
Someone can tell me how to use Selector properly on a Discrete Root Mean Square block?
Thanks in advance

Best Answer

  • As you specified that your Discrete RMS Value block generates output [0;1.0977] ,make sure you set the Input port size of the selector block as 2 and as you want to get only second element which is not zero ,set the Index vector in the Index Option as [2].Set the Number of input dimensions as 1 and Index mode as one-based.