MATLAB: Selective summary of matrix array


I'm trying to create 1 x 5 matrix called A with following information:
Let's say r=exprnd(5,1,5) yields following result:
r =
2.7059 16.3678 8.9145 0.7997 6.0534
Let's say first value in above r matrix (2.7059) is now called r1
Let's say second value in above r matrix (16.3678) is now called r2 and so on to r5 (=6.0534).
In the end, matrix A will be: [0+r1, r1+r2, r1+r2+r3, r1+r2+r3+r4, r1+r2+r3+r4+r5]
Question: Is there a function I can use to simplify matrix A definition? I would like to create a 1×1000 matrix A.
Thank you in advance.

Best Answer

  • Read about cumsum.
    iwant = cumsum(A) ;