MATLAB: Sharing block (mask) parameters between custom blocks


Hello, I am developping an extension for ECRobot NXT library. Shortly said, it enables NXT robots to communicate in wireless mesh networks. For this I have written hardware driver, number of S-Functions in C and created appropriate masks.
My problem is that I need to share some information between all my simulink blocks. For instance, there is block for setting up configuration. Also, there are blocks for receiving/transmitting data. Now the trouble is that they need to know the configuration in order to send or receive. Whence, Rx/Tx blocks need to read parameters written in "configuration" block (mask).
Is it possible to "share" mask parameters of my blocks if they are within the same system? What is the standard approach to solve such situations?
Thanks in advance, Matej.

Best Answer

  • You can use a workspace parameter instead of a value inside of the masks or use a function in the initialization of the mask of your configuration block:
    This should put the parameter in the workspace and you can have that parameter inside all the other masks to be shared.