MATLAB: SimBiology getConfigSet does not recognise model object


I am trying to change the simulation settings of my Simbiology model through a Matlab script. I use the following code:
cs = getConfigSet(modelObj,'active');
However I get the following error:
Error using getConfigSet (line 10)
The first input to get_param must be of type 'double', 'char' or 'cell'.
I have no idea of what might be going wrong here and would appreaciate some help. I attach the .sbproj file in case it is of any use.
Many thanks,

Best Answer

  • Hi Alvaro,
    I think you are seeing an unfortunate naming collision. SimBiology's method is getconfigset (all lower-case). The method getConfigSet is a method in Simulink. The following should work:
    cs = getconfigset(s.m1, 'active');
    Edited answer:
    Updated the code snippet after reading Jérémy's comment to account for sbioloadproject returning a structure.