MATLAB: SimHydraulics: Charging and decharging of an hydraulic accumulator

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I am pretty new to SimHydraulics and Simulink as well and hope to find help here. I built a hydraulic model which contains a pump loading a hydraulic accumulator and a pressure relief valve which limits the maximum pressure to a certain pressure. Now what I wanted to do is to add a hydraulic component which gets powered by the accumulator. Since the pump has sometimes to work when the component has to be powered (pump can't determine its own cycles, hydraulic demand of component is stochastic) I probably need two independent hoses, one from the pump to the accu and one from the accu to the component. Do you know how I could add this feature to my model? Any information is very much appreciated!
Thanks, Andy

Best Answer

  • Not sure if that answers your question, but have a look at the two demos that ship with SimHydraulics, sh_accumulator_gas_circuit and sh_accumulator_spring_circuit. I would also say that connect SimHydraulics components as you would in real-life, on an hydraulic schematic.