MATLAB: Simulating a fan motor


Good afternoon,
I am working at a project for Tenaris Silcotub, for changing some fan motors.
There is a 100MVA transformer, which gets very hot during the summer (its temperature reaches 65 degrees C) and now I am working at changing the fan motors.
Now I have to simulate the fan motor (current absorbtion, torque etc).
Does anyone know how I can simulate this using Simulink?

Best Answer

  • Have a look at this short video. Although it focusses on the thermal aspect, other domains (electrical, mechanical) be modelled in a similar way. It uses Simscape, which is an add-on to Simulink for modelling physical systems. You may also want to look at SimElectronics, which is an add-on to Simscape for modelling analog electronics, semiconductors, electro-mechanical systems, etc...