MATLAB: Simulink Code Generation with schematic view

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I'm exploring the possibility of using Simulink Code Generation to generate an executable file of my Simulink model. All of the examples I've seen list only the code as the output of the code generation. I'm wondering if there is an option to include the schematic view of my model as well. I suspect the answer is no based on the answers to similar questions. I'd love to create a standalone model which would allow the user to click through subsystems and view the scopes at the end of the model run, so if it's not possible through code generation, is it possible with anything else?

Best Answer

  • What you are asking is basically for the end-user to run a simulation of a Simulink model in MATLAB, which requires MATLAB and the corresponding licenses. I don't really see an advantage of generating code for this requirement.
    I have good experiences with writing a MATLAB App with App Designer to drive a Simulink model, of which you can create an executable file. If you are a bit handy you can make the app perform fairly neat things, which is the closest you can get to having the user controlling a simulation. You can create the executable such that the end-user can use MATLAB Runtime which does not require a license on the end-user side. This is the only recommendation I can give.