MATLAB: Simulink Power Gui/Active Rectifier Signal size error

power guisignal size

Dear MATLAB Community,
When I attempt to run my simulation, the following error appears.
I believe this error is due to Active Rectifier models shown below:
For some reason, ctrl2 on Active Rectifier 2 has a question mark. I have modeled it exactly the same as Active Rectifier 1 shown below it, where the ouput signal is clearly a 3.
1.) Is this quesion mark leading to my power gui error?
2.) how can I fix his question mark signal error?
I have previously attempted to add terminator blocks to these ouputs. This solution has not worked for me.
Thank you!

Best Answer

  • Update: I got the model to work. The rectifier was not the problem (despite its question marks) the problem was the inverter. The inverter was connected (wrongly) to my rectifier. I head MEAS from the recifier going to g on the inverter. This was unnecessary and the wrong size singal. Program functions now :)